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PHDWin v2© to  
ARIES© Conversion Utility

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PHDWin v2© to  ARIES® Conversion

Key Beta Features

  • Confidential workspace 

  • Uploaded your .phz files directly

  • A downloadable functional MS Access database that can be opened using the Landmark's ARIES® application.

  • Integration of numerous attributes into the Master table

  • Multiple Partners imported simultaneously

  • Forecast parameters translated into Aries (not recalculated)

  • Translation of decline rates from tangent (H) to secant (B)

  • Application of multi-segment ratios for secondary phases

  • Project multipliers for volumes

  • Identification and processing and handing of “cost cases”

  • Economic limit definitions based on development type

  • Implementation of SIDEFILES for Model variables

  • Update project effective date including time frame settings.

  • Creation and case assignment of Economic Groups for incremental and Platform projects

  • Employment of LOAD lines for projected volume arrays

ARIES® Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software is owned by Landmark, a Halliburton Company


PHDWin Integrated Economics and Decline Curve Analysis © 2013- 2023 is a wholly owned product of TRC Consultants, LLC

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