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upstream data workflows

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Speed up your data conversions. Gain better insight on assumptions in minutes converting to and from PHDWin v2© to  ARIES® 

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PHDWin v2© to  ARIES® Conversion Beta is Open!

Moving and converting data between upstream software products has always been tedious and complex.

Tauris-ai can quickly convert your economic and reserves management data between applications to allow you to use your preferred software for your evaluation.

Liberate data from black-box applications.


Tauris Softworks increases the overall efficiency of the evaluation process, allowing you to spend more time working and less time waiting on conversions

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Tauris-ai is a platform designed to increase the transparency of data and streamline data conversions. Convert and compare results in minutes vs. days.

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Merge multiple public and private data sets and export them to a single data format.

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Tauris-ai applies best practices and can make edits during the conversion process to provide a flexible and usable output.

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